Plug & play extraction into MS

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The CAMAG TLC-MS Interface enables rapid and contamination-free elution of TLC/HPTLC zones directly from the layer and subsequent online transfer into any given HPLC/MS system.

Hyphenating TLC/HPTLC with mass spectrometry opens new possibilities for reliable identification of chromatographic fractions. In the past unknown substances were scraped off from the TLC/HPTLC plate, eluted into a tube and transferred into the MS. With the TLC-MS Interface a very convenient and universal solution is available which is capable of semi-automatic extraction and online transfer into a connected HPLC-MS system of any brand. Depending on the MS system questioned substances are directly extracted from a TLC/HPTLC plate and identified within a minute via its mass spectrum, or for unknown substance zones the respective sum formula can be obtained. The capability of detection is comparable to HPLC-MS, as the whole substance zone including its depth profile is eluted. After extraction, the eluate is transferred online into the mass spectrometer and the elution head is cleaned automatically subsequent to each extraction procedure. The high-end instrument extracts circular zones or zones in the form of bands from a TLC/HPTLC plate, e.g. with acetonitrile or any other appropriate solvent, using the standard flow speed of the HPLC-MS system. The precise positioning of the elution head is done semi-automatically with the help of a laser pointing device or according to the coordinates determined by the TLC Scanner or TLC Visualizer.

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