Polymer Solutions Designed to Help You Secure a Competitive Advantage

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  • [Video] Committed to Supporting Your Materials Innovation

  • [White Paper] The Theory and Practice of Green Analytical Chemistry

  • [Application Brief] Polymer Additive Analysis Study Using Tetrahydrofuran and Advanced Polymer Chromatography

  • [White Paper] Comprehensive 2-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Polymer Applications

  • [Application Notebook] Agrochemical Solutions

  • [Video] Agrochemical Solutions

  • [Video] Cosmetics and Personal Care: Behind the Glamour and Lights

  • [Application Note] Application of Multivariate Analysis and LC-MS for the Detection of Counterfeit Cosmetics

  • [Capabilities Brochure] Analytical Solutions for Cosmetics and Personal Care

  • [Application Notebook] Extractables, Leachables, and Food Contact Materials 

  • [Poster Note] Analysis for Extractable and Leachable Compounds from Polymeric Materials

  • [Video] Extractable and Leachables Partnerships that Enable Success