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GC/MS: Agilent Technologies unveils latest AI/ML integration

In this exclusive video, Agilent gives an inside look at the time-consuming process behind manual integration in GC/MS, and showcases its upcoming AI/ML technology and the key benefits this software can bring to GC/MS processes – learn more in June 2023.

Get Inspired – New LC/MS Solutions

Get ready to be inspired by a smarter lab. View the video to see a sneak peak of the new intelligent Agilent LC/MS solutions launching at ASMS 2023.

Accelerated Delivery to a Development Candidate Enabled by RapidFire Mass Spectrometry

Time to results can be significantly reduced with the use of RapidFire high-throughput mass spectrometry (MS). With this technique, a lab’s next great innovation can be brought from conception to reality in a timely and efficient manner.