Schauenburg Analytics Ltd Appoints New CEO

ColumnNovember 2023
Volume 19
Issue 11
Pages: 10

The Schauenburg Analytics Group (Bridgend, UK), which consists of Markes International and SepSolve Analytical, has appointed Nigel Fry as its chief executive officer (CEO). Starting in September 2023, Fry now oversees all aspects of the business operations for Schauenburg Analytics Ltd and its subsidiaries.

Nigel Fry | Image Credit: © SepSolve Analytical -

Nigel Fry | Image Credit: © SepSolve Analytical -

Fry comes to the company from Antylia Scientific (formerly Cole-Palmer), where he served as managing director and vice president international for over three years.

Schauenburg Analytics’ founding director, Alun Cole, commented, “Nigel brings many years of deep, senior-level management experience to the table. We’re looking forward to him applying that expertise to our group, enabling all companies to capitalize on their strong market positions and grow further.”

Markes International Ltd and SepSolve Analytical Ltd were both established by Cole and Elizabeth Woolfenden over 25 years ago. Cole and Woolfenden will now transition into advisory roles alongside other group shareholders for Schauenburg Analytics Ltd.

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