Tosoh Bioscience celebrates 40 years of SEC/GPC expertise


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The development of the first TSKgel GPC column in 1971 had set the course for a long and proud history of size exclusion chromatography at Tosoh.

At that time the lack of suitable tools for the analysis of Tosoh’s polymer products was the driving force behind the development of TSKgel chromatography columns. Today the range of SEC related products comprises of SEC/GPC systems – e.g. the compact, semi-micro EcoSEC system representing the 8th generation of SEC instrumentation technology - and stationary phases for both modes of size exclusion chromatography, aqueous gel filtration (GFC) and organic gel permeation chromatography (GPC):

  • TSKgel SW series silica columns, the biotech industry’s standard for protein analysis
  • Polymeric TSKgel PW columns for analysis of water soluble polymers
  • TSKgel Alpha & SuperAW columns suitable for aqueous and organic SEC
  • Polystyrene based TSKgel HXL, HHR and SuperH columns for GPC

Latest additions to the SEC column lines are linear, semi-micro SEC columns, the TSKgel SuperMultiporePW series, designed for fast size distribution analysis of water soluble polymers. Two brochures, the TSKgel GPC column brochure and the latest edition of the TSKgel SEC column brochure provide an excellent overview over the complete range of TSKgel size exclusion columns.

To view the brochure online please click here.

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