Ultra Fast Analysis of Synthetic Colourants


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The Application NotebookThe Application Notebook-08-02-2011
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Shimadzu Application Note

Synthetic colourants are used multifunctionally, for example, as food additives, in clothing colours and in toys. Their quality and harmlessness has to be proven by analytical methods.

Speed and throughput are critical parameters in the testing method. The Nexera UHPLC system meets these criteria and offers stable and reliable results.

The method described below enables separation of 12 synthetic colourants (Table 1). A core-shell Phenomenex Kinetex C18 column with 2.6 μm was used: porous membrane of 0.35 μm was combined with a 1.9 μm solid core.

Table 1:

The chromatograms show the transfer from the standard method onto the UHPLC.

Figure 1: Standard method with Shim-Pack VP ODS.

Figure 2: UHPLC method using the Phenomenex Kinetix column.

Figure 3: Data comparison/overlay of six consecutive runs.


The time of conventional analysis of the standard mixture was shortened significantly. The achieved repeatability of the retention time and the peak areas underlines the overall good performance.

Source: Nexera Application Data Sheet No 14

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