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Special Issues

LCGC SupplementsSpecial Issues-12-01-2017
Volume 35
Issue 12
Pages: 52

Company Description

YMC America, Inc., is the exclusive sales and support channel for separations leader YMC Co., Ltd., whose products include stationary phase chemistries primarily used for high and low pressure separation science. Stationary phases designed for use with high performance liquid and supercritical fluid chromatography techniques are available as stocked standard items and custom products are available for specialized application needs. Products bonded to spherical silica, hybrid silica, and polymeric-based particles ranging in size from 1.9 to 150 µm are available in packed columns or in bulk chemical packaging formats. YMC America maintains offices, application support laboratories, and a warehouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania and manages the applications support and sub-distribution of YMC products throughout the Western hemisphere, either through direct contact with its customers or via a network of distributors throughout the Americas. YMC products are available on a world-wide basis.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

  • HPLC


  • Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)

  • Chiral chromatography

  • Ion-exchange (biomolecules) chromatography

  • Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC)

  • Preparative chromatography

  • HILIC chromatography

  • Superficially porous particle (core-shell) chromatography

  • Nano–capillary chromatography

  • Preparative chromatography systems

  • Flow reactor chemistry

Markets Served

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, YMC America, Inc., provides sales and service to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, government, and environmental customers in North and South America.

Major Products/Services

  • YMC-Triart

  • YMC-BioPro

  • Meteoric Core (Core-shell)

  • Chiral, CHIRAL ART: Amylose-C, Cellulose-C, Amylose-SA, Cellulose-SB, Cellulose-SC; Cellulose-SJ; YMC Chiral Series: NEA (R), (S), α-CD BR, β-CD BR, γ-CD BR

  • Reversed-phase, ODS: YMC-Triart C18 and C18 ExRS, Meteoric Core C18 and C18 BIO; Pro Series: Pro C18, Hydrosphere C18, Pro C18 RS; YMC-Pack ODS Series: ODS-A, ODS-AM, ODS-AQ, ODS-AL; J'sphere ODS: ODS-H80, ODS-M80, ODS-L80; YMC-Pack PolymerC18

  • Other than ODS: YMC-Triart C8, Phenyl, and PFP; Meteoric Core C8; Pro C8; Pro C4; YMCbasic, YMC Carotenoid; YMC-Pack Series: C8, C4, TMS, Ph (Phenyl), CN (Cyano), Protein-RP, YMCbasic, YMC Carotenoid

  • Normal phase: YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC; YMC-Pack Series: SIL, SIL-06, Diol-NP, CN, PVA-Sil, Polyamine II, NH2, PA-G

  • Ion-Exchange, YMC-BioPro Series: QA (porous quaternary amine anion exchange), SF (porous sulfopropyl cation exchange), QA-F (non-porous QA), SP-F (non-porous SF)

  • Size-Exclusion, YMC-Pack Series: Diol-60, Diol-120, Diol-200, Diol-300; YMC-GPC

In addition to all of YMC's analytical chromatography offerings, most chromatography chemistries are scalable to bulk packing materials for lab-scale and production-scale purifications. YMC also offers preparative systems for discovery, pilot-scale, and production.


YMC America, Inc. – Allentown, Pennsylvania

YMC Co., Ltd. – Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan

YMC Europe GmbH – Dinslaken, Germany

YMC India Pvt. Ltd. – New Delhi, India

YMC China – Shanghai, China

YMC Korea Co., Ltd. – Gyeonggi-do, Korea

YMC Taiwan Co., Ltd. – Taipei City, Taiwan

YMC Singapore Tradelinks Pte, Ltd. – Singapore

YMC Schweiz GmbH – Basel, Switzerland

YMC America, Inc.
941 Marcon Blvd.
Suite 201
Allentown, PA 18109

(610) 266-8650

(610) 266-8652


WEB SITEwww.ymcamerica.com

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