Alessandro Buratti | Authors

Alessandro Buratti is a Ph.D. student at the University of Ferrara.


The Role of Adsorption and pH of the Mobile Phase on the Chromatographic Behavior of a Therapeutic Peptide

We explore the impact of two different stationary phases and ion-pair reagents on the retention behavior of a therapeutic peptide using reversed-phase liquid chromatography. This information is of fundamental importance for the development of reliable, selective, and fast analytical methods able to separate and identify the target peptide.

Boosting the Purification Process of Biopharmaceuticals by Means of Continuous Chromatography

Single-column (batch) chromatography, involving two or more successive single-column (batch) chromatographic steps, is a standard approach for purifying biopharmaceuticals. Step one, known as the capture step, is used to remove product-related impurities, and step two, the polishing step, is used to remove product-related impurities. Here we present and illustrate the advantages of continuous chromatography for these separations: capture simulated moving bed (captureSMB) for the capture step and multicolumn countercurrent solvent gradient purification (MCSGP) for polishing.