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Ready for combat: Fighting against lab space shortage

The UK's life sciences prowess and ambition to become a 'science superpower' rely on the continuous supply of highly specialised lab space. However, we are currently facing a national challenge, with lab space critically low in abundance. The question is, how do we fix this problem?

Stand out from the crowd: The ultimate guide to custom laboratory space

There is an ever increasing demand for bespoke laboratory space for science and technology companies like yours due to the individual nature of your research and operations. Bruntwood SciTech makes acquiring custom laboratory space easy, reliable and affordable, so your business can form, scale and grow.

The rise of tech bio: Powering life science innovation

Explores the ways in which tech bio is transforming the life science industry. Hear from Dr Kath Mackay, Director of Life Sciences at Bruntwood SciTech and leaders from NorthWest EHealth, Elixir Software and Cellular Highways as they share their perspectives on how tech bio has advanced their businesses.