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Screening Method for Identification of Forensic Drugs

This application note presents a fast HPTLC screening method for the identification of the most relevant forensic drugs.

Identification and Quantification of Different Cannabinoids in Cannabis Sativa

These HPTLC methods are suitable for the quantification of THC and THCA (and other cannabinoids) in Cannabis sativa and to check THC-free cannabis for compliance.

Identification and Quantification of Human Milk Oligosaccharides by HPTLC

This application note describes how human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) can be analyzed by HPTLC during different production steps (fermentation and finished products).

Quality Control of Lipid-Based Formulations by HPTLC

This methodology demonstrates an efficient approach for identity and stability testing of lipids and lipid-based formulations like mRNA vaccines by HPTLC.

Identity Testing of Sorbitol and Transfer of Method from TLC to HPTLC/HPTLC PRO

This application note demonstrates the benefits of HPTLC/HPTLC PRO compared to TLC on the example of identity testing of sorbitol.

Detection of Sibutramine in Slimming Products by HPTLC

This application note is suitable for the identification of sibutramine in crude material or finished products in a routine setup.