Carsten Bässmann | Authors


BioPharma Compass: A Fully Automated Solution for Characterization and QC of Intact and Digested Proteins

BioPharma Compass? is a fully automated solution for the rapid characterization of biopharmaceutical products such as proteins, peptides, RNA, and DNA. This push button solution assists nonspecialist operators to generate high quality, accurate data for automatic comparison with laboratory reference standards. Automated, visual reports are then generated for each sample and important information regarding a products purity and identity can be observed at a glance. In this application note, we will apply the BioPharma Compass workflow to the QC characterization of two proteins including intact IgG1 and digested transferrin.

Analysis of Secondary Metabolites from Myxobacteria using ESI-TOF–MS and PCA

The exploration of myxobacterial metabolite profiles by LC–MS screening for the presence of new natural products is described. Extracts from fermentations of Myxococcus strains are analysed by UPLC-coupled ESI-TOF mass spectrometry and the obtained data are processed using principal component analysis (PCA). The generation of molecular formulae from accurate mass measurements facilitates rapid compound identification.