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Purge and Trap EPC-Controlled Calibration Curves

The CDS 8500 Purge and Trap electronic pressure control (EPC) is used for automated preparation of calibration curves.

Purge and Trap Automated Sample Dilution

The CDS 8500 Purge and Trap system is used to perform automated sample dilution to prepare calibration curves.

Empore 8270 Disk to Extract SVOCs

This application note demonstrates a novel Empore 8270 Disk to extract 125 semi-volatile organic compounds from water samples per EPA 8270E method.

Increase Sensitivity with Pyroprobe Sample-Stacking

This application note introduces a sample-stacking technique to improve sensitivity for low concentration polymer samples.

UV Study of Polypropylene

A rapid, automated polymer degradation study of polymers containing UV stabilizers under ultraviolet (UV) light in a temperature-controlled environment.