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Thermal Extraction of VOCs Using a Multi-ramp Method

This application note demonstrates a quick temperature ramp technique to improve the focusing of VOCs without a need for trapping.

TD–GC–MS of Essential Oil VOCs Emissions

This application note demonstrates a method for sampling and analyzing VOC emissions of essential oils from in-home diffusers by using the TD–GC–MS method.

EGA and Multi-step PY–GC–MS of Glue

This application note demonstrates Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) and Multi-step Pyrolysis (MSP) with GC-MS on cyanoacrylate glues.

Evaluation of Empore StageTips for Peptide Desalting

This application note demonstrates rapid peptide desalting prior to LC-MS analysis in Proteomics research using different micropipette SPE StageTips packed with CDS Analytical’s Empore SPE membranes.

Extractions of THC-metabolites from Urine

This application note demonstrates a sample preparation procedure for using the Empore C18 SPE cartridge for the extraction of the THC metabolite, THC-COOH, from urine samples.

Phthalate Analysis with a Reference Polymer

This application note presents RSDs of phthalates with a reference polymer material for IEC 62321-8 method using a CDS 6000 Series Pyroprobe Autosampler.