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Microwave Energy in Rapid Hydrolysis of Soy Flour

The nutrition profile of food is critical for assessing its quality. In this poster the amino acids in soy flour were hydrolyzed using a Discover Prep microwave system.

Methods for Analyzing Alternative Proteins

Plant-based proteins are becoming a mainstay to grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers. Amino acids in vegan cream cheese are herein hydrolyzed and analyzed.

Efficient Amino Acid Hydrolysis of Pet Foods

In this app note, we perform amino acid hydrolysis of proteins to identify and quantify each amino acid utilizing a safe and rapid amino acid hydrolysis protocol.

Amino Acid Hydrolysis Brochure (Dec 2022)

Protein analysis plays a large role in the production of foods, pet foods, and even pharmaceutical medicines. But first, the amino acids in the protein must be broken down.

Hydrolysis of Liraglutide Using Microwaves

Peptide therapeutics are held to high regulatory standards. Discover Prep was used to hydrolyze the amino acids of a peptide in only 15 minutes, instead of 24 hours.

Rapid Preparation of Infant Formula for AA Analysis

Classical protocol of amino acid hydrolysis needs up to 24 h of reaction time. Using the Discover Prep, the same level of acid and base hydrolysis was achieved in minutes.