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Haloacetic Acid Analysis Using Two-Dimensional Matrix-Elimination Ion Chromatography

The disinfectants commonly used to treat public drinking water can react with naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter in the source water to form disinfection byproducts such as haloacetic acids. Here, we describe the use of two-dimensional matrix-elimination ion chromatography (MEIC) for haloacetic acid analysis. This method minimizes the impact of matrix ions.

Characterizing Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Accounting for the inherent heterogeneity of monoclonal antibodies is essential to ensure production of consistent and safe therapeutics and, in light of this, there is an array of chromatographic and supporting regulatory systems. Robust characterization and analysis of monoclonal antibodies is becoming a fast and straightforward process thanks to the myriad technological advances underpinning this rapidly evolving area.