Dóra Zelenyánszki | Authors

Dóra Zelenyánszki is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Pécs, in Hungary. She graduated with a BSc degree in environmental engineering in 2011, and with an MA degree as teacher of environmental engineering in 2015. Her primary research focus is the study of column efficiency, heterogeneity in ultra‑performance liquid chromatographic systems.


The Impact of Column Hardware on Efficiency in Liquid Chromatography (LC)

Column hardware in liquid chromatography—that is, the tubing, the frits, and fitting—has a strong influence on separation performance or the reproducibility of chromatographic data. Flow distributors and frits can introduce serious band broadening when separation is performed in short, narrow-bore columns. The kinetic performances of packed and monolithic columns are usually similar for well-retained analytes. However, monolithic columns may show significantly better performance for early-eluting compounds, which can be attributed to the moderate mobile phase dispersion caused by the simpler column hardware because no frits are required.