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Oligonucleotide Analysis with FlexFire WP C18 1.6 µm

This application note covers oligonucleotide analysis using FlexFire’s new Wide Pore (WP) C18 1.6 µm column.

UHPLC Columns for Nucleic Acid Oligomer Analysis

We examined FlexFire columns and their analytical conditions using the synthesized miRNA samples. For this study, we applied inert UHPLC columns to prevent sample loss.

Monoclonal Antibody Analysis

This application details how the FlexFire mAb-RP column allows for accurate analysis of a wide range of molecular sizes.

Selection of UHPLC Columns for Nucleic Acid Oligomer Analysis

Synthesized 40-mer miRNA has been analyzed using both a conventional column and new types of UHPLC columns.

Antibody Analysis with UHPLC-MS

- UHPLC-MS method for antibody analysis - Large-size protein separation at high temp

Insulin Analysis with UHPLC–MS

In this application we show how to achieve the best separation and sensitivity for insulin UHPLC-MS analysis by using formic acid as a weak ion pairing agent.