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UHPLC Columns for Nucleic Acid Oligomer Analysis (Mar 2023)

This application note examines a group of UHPLC columns and their analytical conditions using synthesized miRNA samples.

Monoclonal Antibody Analysis (Mar 2023)

This application note shows that a single column to be used for the analysis of a wide range of molecular sizes, from intact proteins and monoclonal antibodies to digested peptides.

UHPLC Column for Proteins, Specifically Antibody Analysis (Mar 2023)

Here, we introduce HPLC columns with wider pores designed to analyze the characterization of the first-dimensional structure of peptides in reverse phase condition.

Insulin Analysis with UHPLC-MS (Mar 2023)

Application of C18, 1.6 µm UHPLC columns in the analysis of insulin with strong and weak ion pairing agents to see how they increase the height of the insulin peak.

Analysis of Peptide-Protein and Monoclonal Antibody (Mar 2023)

This application note introduces the usefulness of wide pore columns, targeting large macromolecules.

Compound Separation with Size-exclusion Chromatography (Mar 2023)

This application note introduces application data obtained by using FlexFire SEC Columns that have adopted newly developed superior silica.