Donna Kinder | Authors


Ethylcarbamate (Urethane) in Distilled Alcoholic Beverages

A variety of alcoholic beverages purchased within the UK were analyzed for the presence of Ethylcarbamate. A 1 µL injection of these alcoholic beverages were analyzed on an Ellutia 200 GC followed by detection on an Ellutia 820 TEA working in nitrogen detection mode. This mode of analysis detects nitrogen containing compounds within a sample. The Ellutia 810/820 systems are able to analyse various nitro or nitroso compounds, utilizing the selectivity available through nitrogen or nitroso modes. Nitrogen mode utilizes the catalytic pyrolyzer tube, oxygen reactor, and higher temperatures to detect nitrogen compounds. Results for various alcoholic beverages are shown in Figure 3. The samples were found to have various low levels of ethylcarbamate, the system was optimized through levels of oxygen input and EHT sensitivity. The samples were then analyzed adopting a standard addition approach.