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High-Speed Chromatography Results — A New Solution for Working with UHPLC Data

This article describes a new workflow technology in a chromatography data system (CDS) software program. Using this workflow streamlines workflows in chromatography laboratories, enabling users to set-up sequences, process data, and report results in the shortest possible time. This typically speeds up the generation of results, thus, more than matching typical throughput increases found when using UHPLC technology.

Speeding Up Pharmaceutical UHPLC Method Development with an Integrated, Ultrafast, Automated Method Scouting Solution

In HPLC method development, screening of various para-meters such as stationary phase, eluents, and temperatures is conducted to find optimal resolution. However, method development can be a time consuming and inefficient process. UHPLC technology can be applied to significantly shorten both the analysis and development times. Here we describe an integrated and ultrafast automated method scouting solution that provides fast and efficient method development processes.