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Speeding Up Pharmaceutical UHPLC Method Development with an Integrated, Ultrafast, Automated Method Scouting Solution

In HPLC method development, screening of various para-meters such as stationary phase, eluents, and temperatures is conducted to find optimal resolution. However, method development can be a time consuming and inefficient process. UHPLC technology can be applied to significantly shorten both the analysis and development times. Here we describe an integrated and ultrafast automated method scouting solution that provides fast and efficient method development processes.

Automated Off-Line Two-Dimensional LC–MS–MS of Complex Proteomic Samples with the UltiMate 3000 System

Multidimensional liquid chromatography (MDLC) techniques are essential for the separation of highly complex proteomic samples. Advantages of off-line MDLC techniques over on-line approaches include high flexibility in choice of column dimensions and mobile-phase compositions, and the ability to reanalyse sample fractions. Here we present a fully automated off-line two-dimensional chromatographic approach for the analysis of proteomic samples using an UltiMate 3000 system optimized for proteomics MDLC.

PS-DVB Monolithic Columns Applied in A Microcolumn Switching Set-up for the Analysis of Peptides and Proteins

Polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) trap columns have been evaluated for microcolumn switching applications. In contrast to traditional stationary phases, which consist of packed particles, the monolithic separation medium is made of a continuous, rigid polymeric rod with a porous structure. The absence of intraparticular void volume increases separation efficiency, allowing for faster separations. Column lifetime is higher compared to packed columns.