Guifeng Jiang | Authors


30-s UHPLC Separation of Pharmaceutical Ingredients using PDA Detection

Ultra fast separations of acetaminophen, caffeine, propofol and parabens are achieved in 30 s using the Thermo Scientific Accela UHPLC system with the 80 Hz PDA detector. The performance of the Accela PDA detector is highlighted by its low noise level, low drift, four orders of magnitude linear working range and high sensitivity.

Identification of Psychotropic Substances in Mushrooms by UHPLC/MS

Forensic laboratories face a daunting task to identify trace amounts of controlled substances in small samples of seized evidence. Unambiguous identification is required to meet the stiff challenge that is sure to be raised in the courtroom. Positive proof is especially difficult to establish if the controlled substance is hidden in a complex food matrix with a high content of sugars, fats, fatty acids, proteins, and alkaloids.