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Separation of Basic Drug Compounds (Sept 2023)

In this study, a generic, 5-min linear gradient was used to separate six basic drug compounds on a short (50 mm) PRP-C18 column.

Spill the Tea, Catechin Identification (Sept 2023)

Identification of polyphenolic catechin compounds for health and industrial quantification and quality control of tea products.

Separation of Strongly Basic Drug Compounds (Sept 2023)

Nine structurally diverse, strongly basic drug compounds are resolved in less than 2 minutes using a high pH mobile phase and a fast acetonitrile gradient at 80 °C.

Pick Your Poison: Isolation of Paclitaxel Sept 2023)

The diterpenoid, paclitaxel, is as a potent chemotherapy agent for breast and ovarian cancer. Here, the isolation of paclitaxel from its major impurities is shown.

Flexible Anion Analysis with Hamilton Columns (Sept 2023)

Chemically resistant resin bed allows for a wide base of mobile phase choices with excellent anion separation

Separation of Common Benzodiazepine Metabolites (Sept 2023)

Identifying benzodiazepine metabolites can be highly valuable in detecting abuse. Metabolites of oxazepam are found containing both hydroxyl and glucuronides.