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Poisoned by Plastic, Analysis of BPA (July 2022)

Plasticizers added to water bottles to add stability to the bottles can be unknowingly extracted in drinks leading to possible endocrine interactions. 

Spill the Tea, Catechin Identification

Identification of polyphenolic catechin compounds for health and industrial quantification and quality control of tea products

Vitamin E(xtraordinary), Isolation of Tocopherols by PRP-1

The fast identification of tocopherols is important for various applications, including free radical scavenging for human health and food-stuff preservation.

Separation of Halo Acetic Acids by Ion Exclusion v2

Accurate detection of HAAs is paramount for the prevention of over oxidation, while still managing enough water sanitation to eliminate water-borne pathogens.

Flexible Anion Analysis with Hamilton PRP-X100 and X110 Columns v3

Chemically resistant resin bed allows for a wide base of mobile-phase choices with excellent anion separation.        

Arsenic Speciation on Hamilton PRP-X100 v3

Contamination of drinking water and food sources is of great concern. Isolation and quantification of the various arsenic states are identified.