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GPCRs – The Biological Traffic Modulator

Peptide analysis in the GI tract shows links to endocrine, cardiac, and nervous systems. See how Hamilton Company isolates GPCR binding peptides with its PRP-3 column.

Promoter or Polluter? Separation of Triazines

Triazines in water supplies cause endocrine disruption in reproduction of some animals. See how Hamilton's HPLC columns can separate seven federally approved triazines.

Isoflavones and Mycotoxins in Soy Beans (Feb 2023)

Analyzing crops for beneficial and harmful compounds is an indispensable tool for assessing the viability of various agricultural crops for consumption.

Saccharide Identification in Honey

Honey has medicinal and healing properties, but it often contains refined sugars to extend supply. See how Hamilton's HC-75 column exposed Nevada honey adulteration.

Biologically Active Increasing Length Peptides (Feb 2023)

This application note highlights the assessment of Hamilton PRP-3 HPLC column attributes when analyzing biologically active peptides.

Separating Fat Soluble Vitamin K Congeners

This application note explains how Hamilton Company's PRP-C18 method offers a fast, simple solution for identifying vitamin K congeners.