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Sample Prep and LC–MS Analysis of PFAS Compounds in EPA 533

This application note demonstrates the extraction of 25 PFAS analytes from drinking water using Supelclean™ ENVI-WAX™ SPE as described in regulated method EPA 533.

Detecting and Analyzing PFAS in Various Matrices

When detecting and analyzing PFAS, the greatest hurdles lie in the various matrices in which PFAS are found. Custom methods and extensive expertise help to solve these issues.

LC-MS Analysis of 33 PFAS Compounds in 5 minutes

The new Ascentis® Express PFAS HPLC and delay columns allow the highly efficient separation of 33 PFAS compounds in 5 minutes with reduced background contamination.

Experts Advise on Biologics Sample Prep

Experts will be sharing their experience in providing tips for protein biologics sample preparation. Special focus is on reduction and deglycosylation for characterizing antibody-drug conjugates, as well as enzyme and chemical treatment options to ensure desired results when deglycosylating glycoprotein samples.