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Stable Isotope Labelled Internal Standard (SIL-IS) for analysis of Proteins and mAbs with LC-MS

Quantitative measurement of biotherapeutic and clinically important biomarker proteins using LC-MS/MS has seen great development in the last 15 years. Stable Isotope Labelled Internal Standards are a cornerstone of accurate quantitation and there are several options ranging from signature peptides to “winged” longer peptides or full 13C and/or 15N labelled proteins to choose from. In this video Kevin Ray, Kwasi Mawunyega and Anders Fridstrom will discuss pros and cons with different SIL IS approaches as well as similarities and differences between biopharmaceutical bioanalysis and biomarkers for disease research & diagnosis.

Sample Prep and LC–MS Analysis of PFAS Compounds in EPA 533

This application note demonstrates the extraction of 25 PFAS analytes from drinking water using Supelclean™ ENVI-WAX™ SPE as described in regulated method EPA 533.

Detecting and Analyzing PFAS in Various Matrices

When detecting and analyzing PFAS, the greatest hurdles lie in the various matrices in which PFAS are found. Custom methods and extensive expertise help to solve these issues.