Analytical Testing of Nitrosamines in Drugs and Food



Webinar Date/Time: Thu, Mar 2, 2023 11:00 AM EST

Learn more about the analysis of nitrosamines in food, drugs, and consumer goods. This training addresses analytical testing methods for nitrosamines.

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Event Overview:

As carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds, nitrosamines have been regulated with maximum limits in drinking water and cosmetics. Since their occurrence in drugs like valsartan in 2018, they have been investigated in pharmaceutical testing as well. This webinar discusses analytical methods for testing nitrosamines in various matrices. As many of these methods apply MS/MS detection, the proper use internal and calibration standards will be addressed.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • A comprehensive overview of analytical methods and technologies for nitrosamine analysis, including their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Insights into regulations for nitrosamines in different markets like pharma, food, consumer goods, etc.
  • How to use reference materials as internal standards and for calibration.

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists, technicians and lab staff in analytical testing of food or drug products


Frank Michel, Ph.D.
Scientific Education & Sustainability
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

After receiving his diploma in chemistry from Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany, Dr. Frank Michel developed, optimized, and evaluated new stationary phases for HPLC in his Ph.D. under the direction of Professor Jan T. Andersson. Dr. Michel then joined Bernina Biosystems, a biopharmaceutical company in Munich, Germany, as an analytical chemist and developed and validated analytical HPLC and other methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients [APIs], including excipients and drug products.Later, Dr. Michel moved to Sigma-Aldrich as Product Specialist for Chromatography in Germany where he contributed his extensive operating experience in HPLC, GC, and SPE. After two years, Dr. Michel moved to the position of Sales Development Specialist for Analytical in Central Europe where he focused on marketing, instructional seminars, and the development of chromatography products. His next position was at HWI ANALYTIK, an analytical service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, where he was responsible for the marketing of analytical services and reference standards.

In 2010, Dr. Michel returned to Sigma-Aldrich (Part of Merck as of November 2015) as Analytical & Chromatography Technology Specialist. In this position, he communicated the technical background of new and innovative analytical products via oral and written presentations. Five years later, he advanced to the position of Scientific Advisor for Analytical Technologies to support the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2022, Dr. Michel has been responsible for scientific education (with focus on analytical chemistry) and sustainability in the chemistry franchise of Merck. Dr. Michel is a member of the Separation Science working group in the German Chemist Society [GDCh] and the EuChemS-DAC Sample Preparation Task Force and Network.

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