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The LCGC Blog: Polymers, Macromolecules, and Nanomaterials in the Separation Science Curriculum

In 2015, the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Professional Training added a requirement to the ACS degree certification program that undergraduates learn about macromolecules, supramolecular aggregates, and nanomaterials (MSN). This requirement can be met by a specialized course in these topics, but many programs are also choosing the distribute these topics across the curriculum.

The LCGC Blog: Recognizing Excellence in Separation Science Wherever It’s Found

The separation science community is full of talented, productive, and innovative researchers of all genders, from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, working around the globe in academia and industry. Our awards should reflect this. It is one thing to say this. It is another thing to do it. But there are steps we can each take to ensure that our awards showcase the full range of separation science talent.