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Volatile Petrochemical Hydrocarbons Analysis

Analysis of volatile petrochemical hydrocarbons in the environment by fully automated workflow (flow-modulated headspace–GC×GC–FID) for efficient sample quantitation

Profiling of Controlled Substances Using GC-TOF-MS

Using GC–TOF-MS for comprehensive profiling of seized drug samples, for confident identification of controlled substances, as well as adulterants and cutting agents

Analyzing Microplastics in Salt Samples

Application note describing how thermal desorption–GC–MS is used to address multiple challenges in the detection of microplastics in different salt samples

Discovery of Biomarkers in Breath (Sept 2022)

This study describes the development of an analytical platform based upon TD–GC×GC–TOF-MS and shows its application to the collection and analysis of breath samples.

Pathogen-Specific Biomarkers in Bacterial Pneumonia

Characterization of pathogen-specific biomarkers in bacterial pneumonia using high-capacity sorptive extraction, thermal desorption–GC–MS, and automated chemometrics

Monitoring Disinfection By-Products in Water

Nontarget screening of organic pollutants in water using thin-film SPME, GC×GC, and TOF-MS to determine compositional differences in water purification treatment