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Analysis of Free Steroids and Sulfate Conjugates (Nov 2022)

This app note outlines a highly efficient method for the simultaneous analysis of free and sulfated steroids from urine, plasma, and blood utilizing SPE and LC-MS/MS.

Analysis of Cannabinoids in Blood

This application note outlines an extraction method for four natural cannabinoids and two major metabolites of Δ9-THC in blood using Clean Screen® THC SPE column.

Analysis of Free Steroids and Sulfate Conjugates

A robust analysis method for steroids was developed that can readily be implemented by clinical, forensic, or anti-doping laboratories.

Analysis of Cannabinoids in Urine

This application note features a unique, simple, and robust solid-phase extraction method for cannabinoids in urine followed by analysis with LC–MS/MS.

Extraction of Novel Synthetic 2-Benzylbenzimidazole Opioid Compounds "Nitazenes"

This application note introduces a simple targeted extraction method for the analysis of nine nitazene compounds from urine and blood using the Clean Screen® DAU column.