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Determination of Drinking Water's Organic Compounds

Detecting over 120 pollutants including pesticides, PAHs, PCBs, phthalates and adipates, this method can prove useful in environmental crises involving water pollution.

Extraction of Novel Synthetic 2-Benzylbenzimidazole Opioid Compounds "Nitazenes" (Dec 2022)

This application note introduces a simple targeted extraction method for the analysis of nine nitazene compounds from urine and blood using the Clean Screen® DAU column.

Analysis of Free Steroids and Sulfate Conjugates (Nov 2022)

This app note outlines a highly efficient method for the simultaneous analysis of free and sulfated steroids from urine, plasma, and blood utilizing SPE and LC-MS/MS.

Analysis of Cannabinoids in Blood

This application note outlines an extraction method for four natural cannabinoids and two major metabolites of Δ9-THC in blood using Clean Screen® THC SPE column.

Analysis of Free Steroids and Sulfate Conjugates

A robust analysis method for steroids was developed that can readily be implemented by clinical, forensic, or anti-doping laboratories.