The Column-10-31-2013

Discarded silicone explants, a waste material from the cosmetic surgery industry, could be a new source of sample material for studying POP accumulation in humans.

Two samples of styrene-butadianoene rubbers (SBR) were analyzed by SEC and AF4 coupled with a MALS detector.

This article demonstrates the application of a MALS detector within a triple detector array to measure absolute molecular weight distribution of hyaluronic acid.

The Column

October 31, 2013

Incognito investigates if chromatographers should become scientists or managers to advance their careers.

Although gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is not as widely used as other chromatography methods, it continues to be a useful technique for analyzing the size and solution characteristics of organic polymers. In this study, GPC was applied to analyze different polar polymers that are commonly used in drug excipients. As a result of their polarity, some specialized operating conditions were required. Optimizing the separation brought to light many of the common parameters involved in optimizing GPC separations, and those are discussed in detail here.