LCGC Asia Pacific-03-01-2010

LCGC Asia Pacific

March 02, 2010

Streamlined sample prep, LC and MS method development.

LCGC Asia Pacific

Hydrogen carrier gas can be an effective replacement for helium in many gas chromatography (GC) and GC–mass spectrometry (MS) applications.

LCGC Asia Pacific
GC Connections

March 01, 2010

This month in "GC Connections," John Hinshaw discusses issues that can arise when deciding to upgrade or replace gas chromatography technologies.

LCGC Asia Pacific

What can be expected when the column diameter is changed?

The method developed runs on a fully automated platform integrating solid-phase extraction (SPE) and LC (Symbiosis Pico) without any manual pretreatment step(s). Automatic pretreatment results in high throughput, low CVs and high precision. Sample preparation has been simplified to just one operator step before the system takes over the automated analysis of the samples.

This article provides an introduction to electrochemical liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.