Diane M. Diehl | Authors


Routine Switching between High and Low pH on Xbridge HPLC Columns

The effect of switching between high and low pH mobile phases on a single analytical HPLC column was investigated. The ability to rapidly switch between pH extremes on XBridge columns without special washing/re-equilibration steps dramatically reduces the time for separation of pharmaceutical compounds.

Seamless Method Transfer from UPLC Technology to Preparative LC

UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) has been widely accepted by chromatographers because of improvements over HPLC in the sensitivity, resolution and speed of separations. As scientists begin to use this technology for impurity and metabolite profiling, they will need to transfer the methods to preparative LC to isolate and purify their compounds for further research. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically transfer UPLC assays not only to HPLC, but, more importantly, to preparative chromatography. In this application, we provide information on how to scale a UPLC impurity/degradant separation to a preparative LC separation.

Getting the Most for the Effort…Quickly

The authors look at how achieving both greater throughput and increasing informational content is a driving force in small-molecule analysis. They describe how analysts should address mechanical increases in productivity, software implementation flow and data management, and effective sample preparation to improve efficiency and reduce frustration.