LCGC Europe-06-01-2004

Following on from the above Pittcon report, this month's "GC Connections" provides information on recently introduced gas chromatography instruments and accessories.

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LCGC Europe

June 01, 2004

In this month's column, John Dolan addresses some of the guidelines regarding system suitability tests and comments on their significance for those developing chromatographic methods.

Isotopic analysis of archaeological materials provides information on age and source, but analysis of single compounds isolated from artefacts can provide more accurate measurements and additional details. In this article, the authors provide a review of chromatographic separations of archaeological biomolecules for their analysis using accelerator mass spectrometry or isotope ratio mass spectrometry. The article concentrates primarily on studies involving carbon and nitrogen.

In the final of this two-part series examining trends in column introductions at the recent Pittcon 2004, Ron Majors looks at gas chromatography columns, sample preparation products, hardware, accessories and kits for chromatography and sample preparation.