LCGC North America-12-01-2010

Investigating Solvent Purity Using Comprehensive Gas Chromatography: A Study of Acetones

Can you qualify or calibrate your chromatograph using a system suitability test? No. However, for the doubters among you I'll spend the rest of this two-part article series explaining why.

LCGC North America

This installment will trace the development of SPP supports to the present-day versions that rival UHPLC supports.

Glycoproteins appear to have become the most common biopharmaceutical product today, and they also seem to be increasing in popularity and importance with time.

LCGC North America

Methanol and acetonitrile are the two most popular organic solvents to use in the mobile phase for reversed-phase liquid chromatography (LC) separations. Tetrahydrofuran is also used to a lesser extent. Why are these solvents the most popular ones? Are there alternative solvents that should be tried? This month's "LC Troubleshooting" examines these and some other aspects of solvent selection for LC.

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December 01, 2010

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