2014–2015 Survey of New HPLC Systems


New HPLC systems



2014–2015 Survey of

New HPLC Systems



We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of published information, but Advanstar Communications cannot be responsible for errors in or omissions from the information submitted on this form or by other means.


PLEASE NOTE:                                     This survey is not limited only to new products that will be introduced at Pittcon 2015.

You may submit any product introduced since our 2014 coverage.


(One sheet per product: Maximum of 5 per company)


DEADLINE:                           January 14, 2015          


Send completed form to:          lbush@advanstar.com






Information Submitted by:










Product Name


Literature Included? (y/n)


Used for HPLC or UHPLC?


Description of system or component


Suggested applications of system and/or component


Primary benefit(s) to the chromatographer (compared to current products)


Unique features worthy of mention



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