7th International Conference on Packed Column SFC (SFC 2013)

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The 7th annual International Conference on Packed Column SFC (SFC 2013) will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, from 10–12 July 2013. The International Conference on Packed Column SFC is a leading event in the supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) calendar, alternating annually between the United States and Europe. The conference has previously been held in Philadelphia, USA; New York City, USA; Stockholm, Sweden; Zurich, Switzerland; and Brussels, Belgium.

SFC can be a greener separation technology than high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) because it uses carbon dioxide as the main mobile phase component. Over the past 15 years SFC has become the method of choice for preparative chiral and achiral separations up to 1 kg in scale. In addition, SFC provides a platform that affords faster separations with lower column pressure drops and thermal gradients. With appropriately packed column stationary phases and mobile phase components, separation mechanisms can be like normal-phase, reversed-phase, ion pair, and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). Recent advances in analytical equipment have allowed SFC to move into validated analytical environments and have expanded its use. With the growth of SFC as a cuttingedge technology, this conference provides a forum for new developments and applications. SFC 2013 promises to attract distinguished scientists and academics from all around the world to discuss advancements in this environmentallyfriendly technology.

Day One: The conference begins with a half-day short course on 10 July. The course instructors — Larry Taylor from Virginia Tech (Virginia, USA) and Larry Miller from Amgen (Massachusetts, USA) — have a combined experience of over 40 years in SFC. Topics to be covered in the short course include: Fundamentals of analytical SFC; chiral chromatography with supercritical fluids; method development in achiral packed column SFC; and preparative SFC. The course will be of interest to scientists with limited SFC experience, as well as those who are more experienced in the field. Past short courses have proven to be valuable as an introduction to SFC for experienced separation scientists looking to expand their knowledge base beyond HPLC.

Days Two and Three: Days two and three will feature both oral and poster presentations from industrial and academic scientific leaders from around the world. Invited speakers include: Georges Guiochon from University of Tennessee, Tenessee, USA; Jerry King from University of Arkansas, Arizona, USA; Bill Farrell from Pfizer La Jolla (California, USA); and Ray McClain from Merck (New Jersey, USA). All topics related to SFC will be covered during the conference. Topics to be presented include: Analytical analysis; preparative purification; chiral and achiral method development; new detection technologies; and supercritical fluid extraction. Contributed abstracts have been submitted for both oral and poster presentations. Contributed talks and posters will appear on the programme from laboratories in Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Belgium, India, and France.

In addition to scientific content, SFC 2013 will include vendor exhibits and workshops where attendees can learn about the latest advances in SFC equipment and stationary phases. Vendors scheduled to appear include Advion, Agilent Technologies, Chiral Technologies, ES Industries JASCO, Novasep, PIC Solutions, and Waters Corporation.

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25–29 August 2013


Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

Organizers: Polish Chemical Society

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4–6 September 2013

9th Balaton Symposium on High-Performance Separation Methods

Hotel Azúr, Siófok, Hungary

Organizers: Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences (HSSS)

Tel: +49 2166 687 305

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Website: www.balaton.mett.hu

25–28 September 2013

19th International Symposium on Separation Sciences

Porec, Croatia

Organizers: Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers

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6–9 October 2013


Hotel Beatriz Atlantis & Spa, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Organizers: Spanish National Research Council and the University La Laguna

Tel: +34 922 318990

Fax: +34 922 318003

E-mail: itp2013@ull.es

Website: www.itp2013.ull.es

27–29 October 2013

5th International Workshop on Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances

Konventum konferencecenter, Helsingør/Copenhagen, Denmark

Head Organizer: Xenia Trier

Email: xttr@food.dtu.dk

Website: www.nordfluor-workshop-2013.dk

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