Agilent OpenLAB ECM puts you in control.

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Take control of electronic content with Agilent OpenLAB ECM. Our OpenLAB Enterprise Content Management solution lets you manage and organize ALL electronic content regardless of the source.

Agilent OpenLAB ECM puts you in control. Reduce the time, effort and cost it takes to go from raw data to final insight. The Agilent OpenLAB Enterprise Content Management solution gives you the power to manage and organize ALL your electronic content including chromatographic data and spectra.

OpenLAB ECM gives you powerful search tools that make it easy to find all matching files, regardless of the source application. It comes standard with flexible security settings so you can control system access with ease and confidence. And it’s scalable and affordable which means it grows with your business needs. Plus it links directly to ChemStation.

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FREE seminar takes place on March 31, 2009.

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