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Where Has My Efficiency Gone? Impacts of Extracolumn Peak Broadening on Performance, Part 4: Gradient Elution, Flow Splitting, and a Holistic View

In this instalment, we focus on the impact of elution mode (isocratic or gradient) and postcolumn flow splitting on the total level of extracolumn dispersion (ECD) in a liquid chromatography (LC) system, and demonstrate the use of a free, web-based calculator that can be used to guide decision making aimed at reducing ECD during method development.

But My Peaks Are Not Gaussian! Part 2: Physical Causes of Peak Asymmetry

Several physical phenomena can lead to asymmetric peak shapes, including heterogeneity of the particle density inside the column, rearrangement of the particles over time, and accumulation of debris at the column inlet frit. This month’s instalment will focus on these potential physical causes.