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Method Development for Reversed-Phase Separations of Peptides: A Rational Screening Strategy for Column and Mobile Phase Combinations with Complementary Selectivity

This review article summarizes the results obtained from the combined efforts of a joint academic and industrial initiative to solve the real-life challenge of determining low levels of peptide-related impurities in the presence of the related biologically-active peptide at a high concentration.

Essentials of LC Troubleshooting, Part 4: What is Going On with the Baseline?

Some liquid chromatography (LC) troubleshooting topics never get old because there are some problems that persist in the practice of LC, even as instrument technology improves over time. There are many ways for things to go wrong in an LC system that ultimately manifest as detector baselines that do not look right. Developing a short list of the likely causes of these results can help streamline our troubleshooting experience when baseline-related problems occur.