ASMS 2023 Will Host its Closing Event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science


ASMS will conclude its conference at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) on Thursday June 8th, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Tickets for the closing event are required to be purchased in advance. The ticket for the closing event includes full access to the museum and the dinner buffet. One drink ticket for beer, wine, or soda will be provided. Additional drinks will be available for purchase at the available bars.

The HMNS is known for their paleontology display, which includes but is not limited to priceless gems and minerals, rare fossils, and one of the finest collections of Faberge pieces.

ASMS is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen Brusatte will deliver the closing plenary lecture at the conference this year. Brusatte’s talk is titled, “The Rise and Reign of the Mammals: A New History, from the Shadow of the Dinosaurs to Us,” which will serve as an excerpt from his 2022 book.

Dr. Brusatte's not-to-be-missed lecture connects brilliantly to the venue of the closing event. The HMNS Morian Hall of Paleontology is packed with prehistoric beasts and does not have the same stagnant displays of ancient skeletons standing in a row that many visitors are accustomed to seeing. What makes this exhibit display different is that the predators and prey in the new paleontology hall are in action—chasing, eating, and escaping as they struggle for life. The Hall of Paleontology is designed so that guests can embark on a “prehistoric safari” that also includes the grand saga of human evolution—from tree-climbing australopithecines to courageous mammoth-hunters.

For those interested in attending the ASMS closing event, which includes the closing plenary lecture, the deadline to purchase advance tickets is June 5th at 12:00 pm.

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