Q&A: Introducing Caroline Hroncich, New LCGC and Spectroscopy Associate Editorial Director

ColumnAugust 2023
Volume 19
Issue 8
Pages: 22–23

LCGC and Spectroscopy magazines recently welcomed Caroline Hroncich to lead their joint editorial staff in print and online. In this interview, Hroncich talks with editor Patrick Lavery about her experience and what readers can expect for the future.

Caroline Hroncich, Associate Editorial Director, LCGC / Spectroscopy

Caroline Hroncich, Associate Editorial Director, LCGC / Spectroscopy

Q. Tell us where you’re from, and a little about your background.

A: I’m from New Jersey, I grew up in Bergen County and now I live in Hudson County, not too far from the MJH offices. I’ve been working in media for nearly a decade. I’ve written and edited for several consumer and trade publications including Reuters, Business Insider, MarketWatch, CannabisWire, and more. I have degrees from Villanova University and Columbia University.

Q. You’re actually returning to the MJH family, correct? What did you do in your previous time here?

A: I started my career with BioPharm International and Pharmaceutical Technology magazines, which are both MJH brands. I was an associate editor on the team, and I managed both daily news content and more long-form print pieces. Working at PharmTech and BioPharm got me really excited about science journalism and it’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to come back.

Q. What drew you to this position, and were you familiar with our publications previously?

A: LCGC and Spectroscopy are incredibly well-respected publications in their industries. I’ve always been a fan of the work that you are doing and I’m glad that I now get to be a part of it. LCGC and Spectroscopy are on the cutting edge of the science and the topics we are covering will have impacts in research for years to come.

Q. Even in your short time on the job, what have you learned about separation science? Did you do a lot of background research before starting here, and what challenges do you expect?

A: I am still learning about separation science but as a journalist, I see it as a new and interesting challenge. I’m a very curious person and I’m not afraid to ask questions. Right now, my goal is to meet with as many industry experts as possible to understand their work and how we can continue to cover the topics they are interested in.

Q. In addition to being legacy print brands, LCGC and Spectroscopy also have websites and social media footprints. As we know, people continue to get news and information on their devices more and more every day. Talk about how you envision the continued integration of our print and online products and what readers can expect to see on both sides of that equation.

A: I think it is all about balance. We have an incredibly loyal readership, and we’ll continue to publish informative news and peer-reviewed content in print and online. I want our readers to be able to engage with us wherever they are—whether that’s on LinkedIn, by reading the magazine, or at a conference.

Q. What’s it been like meeting and working with our team so far? What are the strengths that you see and how are you planning to use your experience to mold our product?

A: We have a great team at MJH. Even in my short time here, I’ve been impressed with how innately curious and passionate everyone is about the topics they cover. We have a team with a variety of talents, and I plan on tapping into that to make our content even better.

Q. Enough about work. Tell us more about yourself. What are your interests, hobbies, fun facts, anything else you’d like to share?

A: I spend a lot of my free time with my friends and family. I enjoy cooking, reading, and traveling. I’m a very creative person. I like to paint and have recently gotten into ceramics. I also have two cats that I recently adopted and I’m always sharing photos of them on Twitter (@chroncich1)!

Q. Anything else you’d like our readers to know as we introduce you to them?

A: Just that I’m very excited to be working with our staff editors and the editorial board. I am always available to chat and you can reach out to me via email at chroncich@mjhlifesciences.com.

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