Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies: The Advantages of HPLC-Chip-MS Workflow over Conventional Methods of N-glycan Analysis


The Column

ColumnThe Column-11-19-2010
Volume 6
Issue 21

The advantages of HPLC-Chip-MS workflow over conventional methods of N-glycan analysis

Full characterization of mAbs is vital as the glycan moieties have such a key role in immunogenicity, effector function efficacy and drug clearance. Conventional methods of N-glycan analysis, such as LC–FLD or CE–FLD, can take two to three days to complete a single analysis. The introduction of HPLC-Chip–MS workflow systems have significantly reduced the total analysis time (including on-chip enzymatic reaction, glycan separation and MS analysis) to tens of minutes. This creates a major productivity enhancement for biopharmaceutical analysis.

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