Determination of Chloramphenicol in Honey with Automated Solid-Phase Extraction and HPLC–MS/MS Detection


The Application Notebook

The Application NotebookThe Application Notebook-12-01-2017
Volume 30
Issue 4
Pages: 695

A sensitive determination method with automated solid‑phase extraction (SPE) is presented and the recovery rates are compared with manual extraction. The automated extraction was developed with the SPE robot FREESTYLETM SPE module (LCTech GmbH). According to the European Regulation (EC) No 470/2009, CHROMABOND® HLB was applied for SPE (1). A high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC–MS/MS) method with the biphenyl phase NUCLEODUR® π2 was used for the subsequent analysis.


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