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Headspace Sampling for Flavour Profiling of Foods and Beverages

Using high-capacity sorptive extraction with TD–GC–MS analysis for flavour profiling of cider and potato chips, contrasting unflavoured and flavoured-added products

Analysis of Trace PFAS Vapours in Air

Sampling and analysis of a challenging range of trace-level volatile & semi-volatile vapours of per- & polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in air using TD–GC–MS

Authentic or Synthetic? Discovering Authenticity Markers in Honey

Using sorptive extraction to extract aroma compounds from honey, with automated statistical analysis to uncover differences and determine markers of authenticity

Analysis of VOCs in Air Using Hydrogen Carrier Gas

Demonstrating how a Markes Multi-Gas TD can operate with hydrogen carrier gas as well as it does with helium to meet all the criteria cited in US EPA Method TO-17

Analysis of Fragranced Consumer Products Using TD–GC–MS 

The complementary roles of dynamic headspace and sorptive extraction in the analysis of fragranced consumer products using TD–GC–MS 

Analysis of VOC Emissions from Automotive Interiors – VDA278

Analysis of VOC and FOG emissions from automotive interior materials by direct desorption TD–GC–MS in accordance with VDA 278