Digital Update

Digital Update

LCGC Europe

LCGC Europe, LCGC Europe-10-01-2008, Volume 21, Issue 10
Pages: 536

Small Molecule Talk; On-line video for biological sample concentration; Digital Pen for BlackBerry Smartphones

Small Molecule Talk

CoSMoS (Conference on Small Molecule Science) is an annual event that attracts scientists from a wide spectrum of disciplines and regions to discuss trends and overcome problems in small molecule analysis. The conference focuses on solving problems analysts encounter in a variety of disciplines when using mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, and ultra-violet/visible (UV/vis) tools and chromatography. There are also sessions on the future of analytical practice, structural characterization practices and novel sample introduction techniques such as DART, DESI and ASAP, and much more, according to the organisers.

There are also free tutorials before the conference starts to bring attendees up to speed on unfamiliar topics before the conference starts. The number of attendees is deliberately kept small (150 people) to allow increased contact and more time between practitioners involved in small molecule analysis.

Archived proceedings of past events are available to download free-of-charge through the CoSMos website, as well as information on upcoming events and submission requirements.

On-line video for biological sample concentration

Genevac has produced a new online video to demonstrate how its miVac range can concentrate or dry biological samples in a variety of formats, including tubes, microplates and vials.

The video can be accessed at and provides a useful visual introduction to the miVac range demonstrating how to load the system, set the method parameters, unload the dried/concentrated samples and empty the solvent trap. The video also demonstrates how miVac systems can be optimally configured to suit different sampling formats and capacity requirements.


Digital Pen for BlackBerry Smartphones

A new software package from PaperIQ will allow end-users in the pharmaceutical sector to combine, BlackBerry smartphones to a digital pen and paper (DPP) system.

The Anoto Digital Pen Integration Kit makes it possible for channel partners and in-house IT departments to create combined BlackBerry and DPP applications. The kit also enables any existing paper-based forms — for example a case report form (CRF) — to be printed with the Anoto pattern and be used with the digital pen.

This system allows mobile workers to electronically capture and transmit data when away from their desks. The Anoto digital pen records what is being written onto a form printed with Anoto special dot pattern. This data is then transmitted back to the office via a BlackBerry device for further processing – without the need to type up notes.

This process is less expensive than traditional PC-based data-capture systems and enables organizations to increase ROI and staff productivity without changing workflows, according to the manufacturer.