ExTech 2023

Published on: 
LCGC Europe, March 2023, Volume 36, Issue 03
Pages: 106

The International Symposium on Advances in Extraction Technologies (ExTech) is an important event series in the growing fields of sample preparation, extraction technologies, and sample clean-up techniques. The conference was started in 1999 by Professor Janusz Pawliszyn (University of Waterloo, Canada), and since then it has been held annually in different cities around the world.

This year is the 25th edition and ExTech 2023 will be held in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) from 18–21 July 2023 at Pirámide de Arona Conference Centre, located at Playa de Las Américas (Tenerife South).

The organizer of the conference this year is the University of La Laguna (ULL, Spain), with Professors Verónica Pino and Javier Hernández‑Borges as chairwoman and co-chairman, respectively.

The ExTech2023 programme will cover analytical separation, analytical (micro)extraction, sample preparation techniques, and their hyphenation with chromatography, mass spectrometry, and related techniques.


The symposium starts with a full-day course on microextraction, and is followed by three days of plenary and keynote lectures, oral communications, and vendor seminars. Professor Pawliszyn, Professor Pedersen-Bjergaard (University of Oslo, Norway), Professor Anderson (Iowa State University, USA), and Professor Cárdenas (University of Córdoba, Spain) will present plenary lectures. Poster and vendor exhibitions will be hosted during the whole conference.

Key dates include: deadline for oral presentations: 1 March 2023; deadline for poster presentations: 1 June 2023; early registration until: 15 April 2023; late registration until: 30 June 2023.

E: extech2023@ull.edu.es
W: http://extech2023.ull.es