HPLC 2023: Best Poster Award

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Gerard Rozing highlights the importance of the HPLC 2023 Best Poster Award (BPA).

Presentation of scientific work on a poster has been (and is) an essential part of the scientific programme of the HPLC symposium series. A poster is an efficient way to disseminate, share, and discuss the results of liquid-phase separation research, progress in new instrumentation and separation method development, applications in life science research, (bio)pharmaceutical product R&D for the safety and authenticity of consumer goods, forensics, environmental monitoring, and protection with one’s peers.

But primarily and most of all, the HPLC symposium series intends to foster young scientists and encourage them to take the opportunity to present their work on a poster publication as a starter in their international scientific career.

The Best Poster Award (BPA) competition at the HPLC symposium series intends to provide a stimulus and incentive for academic, institutional, and industrial scientists towards the above intent.

Agilent sponsors the HPLC 2023 Best Poster Award. The award consists of a certificate and a monetary gift. The following awards are available: Best Poster Award 1500 EUR, 2nd place, 1250 EUR, 3rd place, 750 EUR, and seven runners-up, 500 EUR.


Peer Review Process for the BPA

An international panel of scientific peers, headed by myself and Dr. Jirka Urban, will review the participating posters using the following criteria:

  • Novelty, originality, and creativity of the work
  • The work’s scope, the experimental design’s quality, and practical execution
  • The presentation of the poster, especially the author’s presence and explanation during the designated poster session
  • Impact of the work


At HPLC 2023 Düsseldorf, poster presentations are divided into two large groups. Posters in session one will be displayed Monday 19 June, and Tuesday, 20 June in the morning. Posters in session two will be on display Tuesday afternoon, 20 June, and Wednesday, 21 June.

Posters participating in the BPA competition are split into groups containing 15 contributions and are assigned for review by two peers. The review is executed during the designated poster sessions, where the authors are asked to be present at their poster for explanations and discussion. A reviewer team delivers one nominee for a second-round evaluation.

The nominated poster authors participate in an oral flash presentation of their work (3 min + time for 1–2 questions) on Thursday, 22 June, in the morning. A group of at least six reviewers not involved in the first‑round evaluation review the oral presentations and provide scores.

Honorary Session

The awardees will be announced and called to the podium in an honorary session on the closing day of the symposium. The top three will be asked to do a flash presentation of the awarded poster. All nominees not awarded will receive an honorary mention certificate for their achievement in the second review round.

Gerard Rozing, Agilent Technologies Research Fellow (ret.), has been involved with the HPLC symposium series since the 1980s. From 2008 to 2022, he was responsible (with exceptions) for arranging the Best Poster Award (BPA) competition at the annual and some parallel editions of the HPLC symposium series.

The Best Poster Award will be presented on Thursday 22 June at 15:00 in Room 1 (Auditorium).