The Ins and Outs of HILIC Chromatography


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E-Separation SolutionsE-Separation Solutions-02-03-2011
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LCGC's The Column editor, Janet Kelsey, spoke to Mark Woodruff of Fortis Technologies about the background, advantages, and applications of hydrophilic interaction chromatography and where its future lies.

Can you briefly explain the theory of HILIC chromatography?

Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography or HILIC is a technique that has really been around for quite some time, based somewhere between reversed-phase (RP) and normal-phase (NP) chromatography. A highly polar stationary phase, often bare silica, is used with largely a non-polar mobile phase system (water acting as a very strong solvent in HILIC) to provide retention of polar or hydrophilic molecules.

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