Leap Technologies and Antec Announce HDX–MS Venture


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ColumnThe Column-06-20-2016
Volume 12
Issue 11

Leap Technologies Inc. and Antec have announced a joint venture in the field of sample preparation for HDX–MS.

Leap Technologies Inc. (Carrboro, USA) and Antec (Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands) have announced a joint venture in the field of sample preparation for hydrogen deuterium exchange–mass spectrometry (HDX–MS).

“We are excited to collaborate with LEAP the world leader in HDX automation and to bring HDX/MS to a new level of customer satisfaction by integrating the disulfide bond reduction,” said Jean-Pierre Chervet, CEO of Antec.

The integration of Leap Technologies’ automated workstation with Antec’s electrochemical mass spectrometry system will provide a fully automated hydrogen deuterium exchange electrochemical mass spectrometry workflow that can be used with mass spectrometers.

This full integration decreases the time required to reduce the disulphide bonds in proteins/peptides when using reducing agents such as TCEP. This is particularly useful for large and highly disupfide-stabilised proteins, enabling HDX analysis and resulting in increased overall sequence coverage.

 Leap and Antec will be presenting this approach at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference (ASMS) in San Antonio, Texas, USA, June 5–9.

For more information about Antec visit www.myantec.com

For more information about Leap Technologies visit www.leaptec.com

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