Market Profile: UHPLC

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The Column

Column, The Column-09-06-2012, Volume 8, Issue 16
Pages: 8–9

Market Profile: UHPLC

Ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) systems are designed to take full advantage of smaller particles (sub 2 μm), which yield higher resolution and increased sensitivity. Because of increased back pressure, UHPLC systems employ high-performance pumps that deliver 15 000 psi (1,000 bar) or more of pressure. Some systems solve the back-pressure issue by elevating temperatures using a column oven, which lower the viscosity of the mobile phase, allowing it to move faster through the column. UHPLC systems have been shown to provide analysis times of less than 1 min and up to 40 times faster than conventional HPLC systems.


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