Nexera - the all-round UHPLC system


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UHPLC systems are state-of-the-art in liquid chromatography. Their flexibility in handling conventional and ultra high pressure / performance applications brings new possibilities to HPLC usage in many labs.

The Nexera system can be used for flow rates from 0.0001 up to 10.000 mL/min (at pressure of up to 130 MPa until 3.000 mL/min; 80 MPa until 5.000 mL/min) in binary or ternary configuration as well as in quarternary gradient setups. This enables solvent blending in any concentration or switching between several solvents. Each pump can be equipped with a quarternary valve for solvent selection e.g. in complex method development systems.

Nexera’s autosampler is recognized as being one of the fastest and ‘cleanest’ samplers. Cycle times of less than 30 seconds including a rinse step and reduced carry-over by use of up to 3 rinsing solvents in various modes as well as design changes at needle and needle seal are the key to achieving this status. Nexera fulfills the demand of an all-round LC system with high reliability and robustness.

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