Online SPE and HPLC in one


Spark Holland Product Profile

The Spark Holland Symbiosis™ Pico is a compact, affordable and versatile online SPE System embedded in a high-end HPLC system offering superb analytical performance and improved workflow. The system features a fully programmable high performance injector which handles sample volumes from 10μl up to 10ml, adding, mixing and diluting samples prior to analysis. The high pressure gradient LC pump comes with a four channel solvent selector for each pump, facilitating the use of multiple LC solvents and gradients. Combined with the optional column oven with integrated six port LC column selector, a large variety of LC conditions can be selected in consecutive unattended runs, giving the highest degree of flexibility both for method development and routine use. In addition, Symbiosis Pico has an integrated sample preparation system that offers all the advantages of online SPE, such as higher assay sensitivity, analysis of small sample injection volumes, no sample loss, minimal carry-over and robust and reproducible assays, while reducing method development time. The new multi dimensional SPE mode allows the use of two different extraction mechanisms on two separate disposable SPE cartridges in one sample run, resulting in the highest possible sample clean up.


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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific
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