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Pharmafluidics has announced the appointment of Fasha Mahjoor as an independent director.

Pharmafluidics has announced the appointment of Fasha Mahjoor as an independent director. Founder of Phenomenex, Mahjoor has over 30 years’ experience in the analytical science market and built Phenomenex into a company that currently employs 780 people with subsidiary companies in 16 other countries, and a network of 60 international partners.

Mahjoor agreed to sell his company to Danaher Corporation in 2016 and stayed on as President until July 2017 to ensure a smooth transition. Explaining his choice to take on this new role, Mahjoor described Pharmafluidic’s work as a “paradigm shift in this field” and incredibly “intriguing” to him.

“I was always on the lookout for the next breakthrough and frankly always a bit concerned as what may displace a conventional high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column as we know it today,” said Mahjoor. “I was keen to learn a lot more about this fascinating micro-pillar array technology and how it may affect the industry.”

Launching in June 2017, Pharmafluidic’s micro‑pillar array columns have already garnered much attention within the separation science community, but the company still has a lot of challenges ahead. “At this moment [the challenge] is to scale and to provide wide commercial access of their products to an increasing number of chromatography users,” explained Mahjoor. “First in the field of proteomics, biomarkers, and biopharmaceuticals applications, and then through further product generations also to all other market segments, for example, in quality control or ultrahigh‑pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) applications, across industries.”

It is in this area that Mahjoor believes his experience can be invaluable to Pharmafluidics. “I spent my entire working career in chromatography”

“I can assist and provide much guidance to Pharmafluidics and on many fronts,” explained Mahjoor, citing his “vast market knowledge and experience with customers adopting to new technologies” as key skills he can offer.

Katleen Verleysen, Chair of Pharmafluidics, added, “We are excited to welcome Fasha Mahjoor to our board of directors, his association endorsing the value of Pharmafluidics and its technology.” 

“Mr. Mahjoor has demonstrated true leadership throughout his career realizing impressive commercial and business successes, and we expect him to make key contributions to the further international development of Pharmafluidics,” said Verleysen.

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