Latest Trends in Oligonucleotide Analysis: An Interview with Quang-Dong Bui


Oligonucleotides are brief single sequences of synthetic DNA or RNA that act as the foundation for numerous applications in molecular biology and synthetic biology. With hundreds of oligonucleotides in clinical and preclinical development, it’s becoming more important for separation scientists to identify reliable, fast, and accurate methods for analysis.

Quang-Dong Bui is a second year PhD student at Vrije Universiteit Brussels under the supervision of Professor Sebastiaan Eeltink, where he works on the Robust Oligonucleotide Analysis Development (ROAD) project. The ROAD project aims to develop new orthogonal separation platforms with high resolution, including multidimensional liquid chromatography, and the introduction of innovative mass spectrometry strategies for the in-depth characterization of the primary and higher order oligonucleotide structures. Prior to joining Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Bui worked for two years in National Institute for Food Control as a researcher, where he focused on method development for toxins, residues, allergens, and contaminants in food.

LCGC International sat down with Bui to discuss his work with the ROAD project and the latest trends in oligonucleotide analysis. Watch the full interview below.

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